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 No Way is Way 

"The journey as an artist is perfecting your ability to affect the perception of the observer. Subtlety of detail builds immeasurable outcomes. Having no style or "Way" is, in fact, a style and the best Way."

No Way Is Way

All Styles are open to influence. Water conforms to its container.

That motto came from Bruce Lee's style-is-no-style way of fighting.  I always loved that concept as it pertains to graphic design, illustration, and yes, even in fine art. It is, in a way a style of it's own. The only way I can explain my "style" is in a word: clean. Messiness or chaos can be used but always controlled and respected- like fire. You cannot have order without chaos and to organize chaos destroys only the orderly. 

The perfect art-tool mastered by years of dedication and love but always remaining just another weapon in the artist's Quiver of Magic.

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